See your world in a new way. 

Here at ISCA Drones we use our UAV's to create precise 3D models and maps.


Use digital twins to bring your projects to life, enabling precise measuring and interaction wherever you are and whenever you need it.  

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About Us

We use Drones to take multiple pictures of a site and then use software provided by Pix4D to construct a ‘digital twin’, a highly accurate 3D model. With accuracies up to 3mm we can provide bare earth models, digital surface models, 3D maps, true orthomosaics and 3D models.

Once a project has been processed, the results can be used in a huge number of ways. The digital files can be shared and accessed at any time, meaning contractors can do all of their planning off site, in advance; whilst project leaders can have information available whenever they need it. Something that is only normally possible whilst physically being on site.

We are fully certified users of Pix4D. The software was primarily designed for use by the construction and mining sectors. Through work on several projects (most notable for Poltimore House in Devon) we have successfully adapted the software to be of invaluable use to the heritage sector. In particular we have perfected the recording of interior spaces and smaller artefacts and features. We are able to ‘stitch’ together multiple projects to create a fully inter-actable model of a building, it’s interior and the site in which it sits. This has proved to be useful for everything from planning works access and material storage, to re-creating and restoring damaged lime plaster decorations. 


Our management team consists of a trained Archaeologist and a Marine Surveyor. We have fully trained and qualified drone pilots, and permission from the CAA to undertake commercial operations. Our flights are fully insured and risked assessed at all times.  As a company we are passionate about this country’s heritage and its preservation.