See the future

We specialise in heritage projects, and have a real passion for the preservation and documentation of the past.


By creating a digital twin of your project we can preserve the site as it is today, with the ability to explore it from every angle and height. Measurements can be taken from any point, and the data extracted in multiple formats. With our photo realistic models all of this can be done in an engaging and rewarding way. 

Stoke Camp Iron Age Hill Fort 3D model by ISCA Drones
3D image/point cloud of building in Church yard, Temple, Cornwall. Taken by ISCA Drones.

Most importantly, this can all be achieved in relatively short periods of time, with minimal disruption to yourself or your project, at an affordable cost!

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Practical applications

The practical applications of the finished project are almost endless! Some examples are:

  • Inspection of building condition, from roof tiles to masonry work

  • Architectural plans

  • Concept art

  • Identification of construction materials

  • Recording of key features for preservation/research

  • Volumetric measuring of spaces (i.e roof, stable yard, exterior wall etc)

  • Accurate measuring for replacement parts

  • Construction site planning and management (including progress updates)

  • Social Media and websites